Access Unbiased and Independent Risk Advisory Services. We have the experience and market knowledge to offer truly non-conflicted risk advisory services. We are not market participants, nor do we receive compensation from any counter-party. Unlike other offerings with conflicted compensation structures comprised of shared savings or commissions or volumetric incentive programs, our 100% retainer-based compensation policy eliminates conflicts of interest.

We are your alert team for energy and commodity market risks to your current and future operations. We supplement your corporate risk policy with an expanded set of risk management tools. We do this through a deep dive into our client’s business model clear understanding of our client’s objectives, fundamental analysis of financial and physical markets, and a clear view on how the regulatory environment will affect every organization engaged in commodity and financial transactions. All our services are enabled by proprietary technology and highly experienced organizational support, giving you the power to make better energy and commodity risk decisions.

We create a Diagnostic Framework for energy and commodity risk tailored to your needs, and actively communicate and manage risks based on operational and financial impact to your organization. Risk management is not betting on prices going up or going down. It’s about eliminating surprise impacts to cash-flow, earnings and held positions, and keeping promises to investors, and shareholders and capital partners.

Our Diagnostic Framework looks at energy and commodity risk with our Proprietary Workflow Process that allows for:

  • Efficient and timely analysis of current business impacts,
  • Effective response to your needs and concerns, and
  • Immediate access to continuously updated risk exposure and market positioning.