Diagnostic Framework

At Mobius, we apply our deep knowledge of markets to your business risk factors to create a robust risk management program specifically designed to manage your individual risks and accomplish your objectives. Mobius’ diagnostic framework approach is how we define risk for your company. Managing price or sourcing unilaterally may not help to accurately define and execute a position in the market to meet your objectives.

Let our experts assist you to get the results you expect from your risk management protocols.

Diagnostic Framework for Risk Management of External Factors:

  • Position and Exposure (Price Risk)
  • Sourcing, Marketing, and Operational Risk, and (Sourcing Risk)
  • Regulatory and Reporting Compliance Risk. (Regulatory Risk)

Deconstruction Process to Evaluate Each Market Action (Position Risk):

  1. Identify Wanted Position
  2. Identify Exposure or “What Is At Risk”
  3. Verify Objectives with Corporate Goals and Corporate Risk Policy
  4. Evaluate Ability to Execute
  5. Build the Infrastructure and Capacity to Meet the Market
  6. Execute the Position
  7. Report and Assess, including Deal Capture, Compliance and Results Reporting