About Mobius

We have spent nearly 20 years recruiting the brightest minds in energy trading, veterans who have learned the secrets of the industry’s biggest players, so that we could share those secrets with our clients.

This company began in 2002 with a singular mission: to level the playing field, by fixing a broken system that advantages the big guys over the (less big) guys.

The goal was to deploy the same data huge corporations were hoarding to triumph over their own customers to bring some parity back to the market. The gap between buyers and sellers was enormous, and unfair. But the size of that gap also reflects the magnitude of the opportunity.

Founder Eric Melvin recruited a team of like-minded dynamos and built a roster of smaller buyers for Mobius to newly equip with better information and, ultimately, a better software system to process it. Behind the veneer, the silk stocking firms that banks and merchants use to leverage their decisions, we realized it’s all about the next trade.

That hasn’t made Mobius popular, exactly. “We don’t get a lot of holiday cards,” Melvin says.

Over the past 18 years, Mobius has evolved from a company that focused on consulting to one that has built, in our opinion, the best software in the industry for analyzing and managing risk.

Our Values


We didn’t invent the concept of family, but we do live it. We treat our team members and  clients as extensions of our family.


Every client we work with has the same right to the best information and software and expertise.


What you see — from our custom reporting to a pricing tool based on 13 years’ worth of historical data  — is what you get.


If you don’t have a passport, you don’t work at Mobius. We want partners and teammates thirsty for knowledge, not just about our industry but about the whole world, and how it turns.

Meet Our Team

Executive Leadership

Eric Melvin

Chief Executive Officer

Eric brings more than 25 years of finance, energy risk management and trading experience to Mobius Risk Group. His extensive trading and marketing experience includes natural gas (physical and financial), power, crude, products, coal, weather, fixed income and foreign exchange. Eric has a proven record of accomplishment in developing and managing profitable energy trading, marketing and origination groups. He has extensive knowledge in corporate governance, hedging strategies, trading processes, physical and financial trading systems and energy accounting matters. Eric received his bachelors from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor and a JD from the University of Detroit School of Law.

Casey Ragsdale


Casey brings more than 24 years of risk management, technology development, regulatory compliance, and retail energy structuring experience to Mobius Risk Group. His areas of expertise include power, natural gas, crude oil, crude products and metals. Casey’s experience prior to Mobius Risk Group involved the development of processes to value and structure commodity transactions in both the power and natural gas markets throughout the U.S. as well as the development and implementation of risk management systems and risk management policies and procedures for various commodities in a large energy merchant environment. Casey holds a BBA in economics from Baylor University.

Christine Anderson

Chief Operating Officer

Christine has more than 25 years of professional experience in the physical energy arena. She currently works with clients to develop self‐sustaining physical energy programs for producers and consumers. Primary responsibilities include working objectively to advise clients in developing portfolios that manage physical risk and volatility, while optimizing the assets on behalf of the client. Anderson is vastly experienced in physical procurement, marketing, transportation, structured transactions and contract negotiations across the entire U.S. as well as in South America. Previously Christine worked for Energy USA, a Nisource Company; TransCanada Energy Marketing; and TXU Energy. She was responsible for analyzing and executing structured transactions with pipelines, utilities, industrials and municipalities specializing in transportation and storage optimization. She holds a BBA in Marketing from Henderson State University.

Paul Smith

Chief Risk Officer

Paul has over 17 years of financial markets trading and structuring experience. Most recently, Paul was with one of the world’s top 5 producers of oil and natural gas, where he ran the North American financial derivatives trading desk. His previous experience includes structured product sales for a large Houston energy marketer. Prior to sales he traded physical and financial gas for a large utility marketing company. He has marketing and trading experience in natural gas, electricity, crude and crude products, natural gas liquids and LNG. Paul moved to Houston in from Chicago where he traded equities, options and financial futures for a city center hedge fund. Paul holds a BA from Syracuse University and an MS from Illinois Institute of Technology.
Financial and Physical Markets

Mohit Arora

Vice President, Risk Management and Decision Sciences

Mohit has more than 20 years of quantitative analysis, trading, structuring, and risk management experience across the energy spectrum (crude, products, natural gas and NGL’s). Prior to joining Mobius, he was designing option strategies and trading crude and product options at Koch Supply & Trading. He also constructed portfolio risk mitigation option structures for the crude, products/fuel and NGL desks. Before Koch, he traded crude and products at AAA Capital Management, with a focus on options. He moved to AAA from Entergy Koch/Merrill Lynch Commodities where he developed and traded natural gas option strategies, proposed trades as well as enhanced return/index strategies to hedge funds and was the primary hedge structurer for corporate clients (producers, consumers and refiners). Mohit received his BTech from the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur and a dual PhD (Aerospace Engineering and Scientific Computing) from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

Drew Boyce

Vice President, Commodity Risk

Drew is an experienced physical commodity marketer with a demonstrated history of working in the natural gas & oil industry. Drew has been focused the last 5 years in the physical natural gas space, particularly in producer services, trading, scheduling, transportation and cash optimization and analysis, procurement and imbalance management. Drew works closely with our clients to properly manage their physical positions and to make sure they are in line with their financial strategies. Through research and analytics, he looks to identify arbitrage opportunities through transportation or other means that line up with client’s overall position. Drew is a strong analytical and business development professional with a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Business from Penn State University.

Zane Curry

Vice President, Markets and Research

Zane has been with Mobius Risk Group since February of 2016. His primary responsibility is fundamental analysis of the North American natural gas market. Additionally, he assists in the valuation of gathering, processing, transportation, and physical sales agreements. His experience in energy has been focused on natural gas, however, as the North American hydrocarbon value chain has become a more integrated system his knowledge has expanded to crude oil, petroleum products, and seaborne LNG. Prior to joining Mobius, Zane spent 6.5 years with a Houston based hedge fund (Goldfinch Capital) with AUM of approximately $750M. In his time with Goldfinch Capital, Zane was tasked with developing detailed models of the North American natural gas market, including 1st derivative components such as power generation by fuel source, supply side impacts of liquids focused drilling, etc. Zane is a graduate of Rice University, and a former member of his alma mater’s baseball program as both a player and coach.

Charles Liu

Vice President, Risk Control

Chuck brings more than 23 years of experience in the energy industry with primary emphasis in mid-office risk management, controls and compliance. Prior to joining Mobius four years ago, his focus was on Dodd-Frank compliance and natural gas controls with Enbridge and BP. Prior to his tenure with BP, Chuck served as a Vice President at JP Morgan within the mid-office division. With Mobius, Chuck’s primary focus is on the process and risk controls for physical and financial confirmations, financial invoices, financial settlements, and financial desk support and interacting with, and providing business level support, to the Mobius team. Chuck holds a BBA in accounting and finance from Houston Baptist University.

Matt Parker

Vice President, Commodity Risk

Matt has 15 years of experience trading natural gas and crude oil derivatives at energy hedge funds, investment banks, and energy merchants. Matt’s primary responsibilities include evaluating market risk, derivative hedging, and physical marketing of both natural gas and crude oil. Prior to Joining Mobius, Matt was a portfolio manager for Goldfinch Capital and Sandridge Capital in Houston, Texas. He also has experience as a natural gas option trader at Merrill Lynch and Koch Industries, and as an auditor at Price Waterhouse. Matt holds an MBA from the University of Texas, is a CFA charterholder, and a Certified Public Accountant.

TJ Pool

Vice President & Co-Head, Commodity Risk

TJ has spent over 20 years in the energy industry concentrating primarily on natural gas fundamental analysis and trading. He started his career in at The Williams Companies where he moved from risk control, project analysis, and fundamental modelling to ultimately managing all the forward price exposure to natural gas in the West and Midcontinent regions for the company, as well as operating a successful proprietary trading portfolio. TJ next moved into the energy hedge fund world when he was hired by Centaurus Energy in Houston to trade natural gas financials for the West and Midcontinent regions. From there, and just prior to starting at the Mobius Risk Group, TJ spent five years at Goldfinch Energy (a hedge fund started by a former Centaurus trader) where he performed natural gas fundamental analysis for the entire country. TJ is a graduate of The University of Texas with a degree in Finance.

John Saucer

Vice President, Head of Crude Oil Markets

Prior to joining Mobius Risk Group as Vice President of Research and Analysis, John spent 13 years at the Houston based energy fund AAA Capital Management Advisors as a Trading Principal and Petroleum Specialist. Previously, he was a Vice President of Commodity Futures Sales at Citigroup. During his 12‐year career at Citigroup, he also spent 7 years as a Vice President of Energy Analysis, responsible for fundamental research in the firm’s Futures Research Department. Prior to his work at Citigroup, John spent 5 years as a senior editor at Petroleum Argus, a leading international oil market publication. John is a graduate of The University of Texas with a BA in Economics.

Phil Thompson

Vice President & Co-Head, Commodity Risk

Phil has over 15 years of private finance, financial markets trading and structuring experience. Prior to joining Mobius Risk Group, he spent 18 months as an analyst for Donovan Capital, an energy banking firm that specializes in raising private capital and providing advisory services for oil and gas companies. Prior to Donovan, he worked in advisory and structuring roles at the UK’s largest mortgage lender HBOS for 2 years and 1 year at the Zurich Insurance Group. Phil holds an MA in International Business from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland.

Rodney Beasley, P.E.

Director, Commodity Risk

Prior to returning to Mobius Risk Group in 2020, Rodney spent 10 years in the oil and gas industry as an environmental engineer for HighMount Exploration & Production and Callon Petroleum, and most recently as a facility and field infrastructure engineer for Scala Energy. Prior to moving into the oil and gas industry, Rodney worked for 20 years in multiple energy related roles to provide project scopes, solutions, and information systems for energy efficiency, electric utility demand-side management programs, and commodity risk applications. Rodney is a graduate of Texas A&M University, with a BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering and is a registered Professional Engineer in Texas.

Jillian Berge

Director, Commodity Risk

Jillian has more than 7 years of experience in the energy industry. Her experience in energy has been focused on natural gas, primarily in asset optimization and contract analysis and negotiations. Other areas of emphasis include scheduling and trading. Prior to working at Mobius Risk Group, Jillian worked for Grizzly Energy (previously Vanguard Natural Resources, LLC) where she was responsible for managing the company’s assets in Wyoming, Colorado, Oklahoma, Louisiana, New Mexico, and Texas. Jillian holds a BBA in Marketing from Stephen F. Austin State University.

Daron Bertillion

Director, Commodity Risk

Daron has more than 19 years of financial markets trading, structuring and origination experience. Prior to rejoining the financial desk at Mobius Risk Group in 2021, Daron was the owner and managing partner of Brisslen Capital Management, a hedge fund that specialized in trading crude oil and natural gas futures. Before Brisslen, Daron traded natural gas futures for Cypress Energy Capital Management, a Houston based energy hedge fund. Prior to starting his career in the oil and gas industry, he worked for an independent mortgage bank in Houston on its origination desk. Daron is a graduate of the University of Houston, with a BS in Business where he was also a member of the baseball team.

Ross Boyce

Director, Commodity Risk

Ross has more than 4 years of experience in financial markets. His experience in energy has been focused on crude oil, natural gas, petroleum products and NGLs. Ross focuses on commodity risk strategy and risk model development, along with execution and valuation of an array of different OTC derivative products for producers, end users, and fund portfolios. Other areas of focus include foreign exchange, interest rates, and fundamental analysis. Ross holds a BA in Finance from the University of Missouri – Kansas City.

Chuck Carlton

Director, Commodity Risk

Chuck has over 20 years of experience in energy trading and analytics positions covering Natural Gas, NGLs, LNG, and Crude Oil. Chuck’s experience has included 7 years at Williams in both risk control and natural gas derivatives trading, 7 years at Citibank as a trading manager on the natural gas desk within their energy trading business, 5 years as a portfolio manager and strategist in both Natural Gas and NGL hedge funds, and 2 years as a financial analyst at Golar LNG. Chuck holds both an MBA and a BSBA in finance from the University of Tulsa.

Jae Cho

Director, Commodity Risk Valuation and Reporting

Jae is a seasoned risk management professional with experiences in all elements of risk management and related business processes, controls, and supporting systems. Proficient in advanced modeling techniques. He brings significant knowledge across numerous commodities and markets, including both physical and financial energy, as well as interest rates and is experienced in start-up, high growth, and established corporate environments. He has a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas and an MBA from Rice University.

Jason Devon

Director, Risk Control

Jason is an accomplished energy trader with over 18 years of experience in the natural gas industry with an extensive knowledge of physical and financial trading. Jason has a proven track record of creating value through identifying and executing natural gas trading opportunities as well as comprehensive experience managing both a speculative trading book and a large asset portfolio. Jason’s financial and physical transactional experience provides an effective bridge for client communication between our client’s front, mid and back- office. Jason holds a BBA in Finance from University of Houston.

Mark McKeown

Director, Physical Operations

An industry veteran, Mark spent 27 years at BP concentrated in the Midcontinent and Gulf Coast natural gas trading groups. At BP (including Amoco) Mark specialized in acquiring and trading around storage and transportation assets as well as trading speculative positions. Since joining Mobius 9 years ago, Mark has concentrated his efforts on buying natural gas for industrial clients and as well as managing and scheduling their transportation assets. Mark holds a BBA in Finance from Stephen F. Austin State University.

Christy Reed

Director, Commodity Risk Accounting

Christy has almost ten years in the energy industry focusing on revenue allocations, owner disbursements, and marketing accounting. In addition, she also has experience with reconstructing revenue allocations, ONRR calculations and projects, severance tax, cash applications, accounts receivable reconciliation, and monthly accrual generation. Prior to working at Mobius Risk Group, Christy worked for Apache Corporation, Trinity River Energy, The Carnrite Group, and Grizzly Energy (previously Vanguard Natural Resources, LLC). Christy holds a BBA in Accounting from Texas Tech University and a Master of Science in Accountancy from The University of Houston.

Lawrence Saenz

Director, Commodity Risk

Lawrence has more than 12 years of experience in the physical natural gas market. His experience in energy has been focused on natural gas, primarily in asset optimization, scheduling, trading, and transportation analysis. Other areas of emphasis include monitoring and managing daily load requirements for various power plants and retail customers, along with identifying arbitrage opportunities supported by those asset positions. Lawrence specializes in providing market guidance and intelligence to both producers and end users. He also identifies pipeline transportation opportunities supported by the client’s asset position. Prior to working at Mobius Risk Group, he was a physical gas trader with EDF Trading North America, responsible for trading and position management on numerous pipelines in the Eastern United States. Lawrence holds a BBA in General Business from Sam Houston State University and an MBA from Drury University.

John Le

Manager, Risk Reporting

John has over 13 years of experience working for various energy companies in Houston. Prior to joining Mobius, John was the Senior/Lead Accountant in Financial Reporting and Consolidation for Petrobras America, a Brazilian owned Oil and Gas Corporation. He was primarily responsible for monthly Financial Reporting and Consolidation of Petrobras America entities and involved with all aspects of year end audit compliance. He is a certified Texas CPA with a BBA from The University of Oklahoma and MBA from Texas A&M University-Commerce.

Alexander Saucer

Analyst, Physical Operations

Alexander is a physical operations analyst supporting physical crude oil operations for producers. He has a BA in economics from Furman University.
RiskNet Platform & Technology

Scott McKenna

Vice President, Product Development

Scott brings more than 25 years’ experience in energy trading, risk management, analytics, marketing and product development to Mobius Risk Group. Starting as a consultant focused on natural gas supply, demand, pipeline flows and gasoline/alternative fuels blending optimization, he developed a solid holistic analytics foundation. Moving to Houston, Mr. McKenna began his trading/risk management career focused on crude, refined products and NGLs before moving to natural gas. Having successfully traded the BTU stream, Mr. McKenna proceeded to co-launch and manage two separate hedge funds, one focused on natural gas and the other NGLs. Managing the full cycle business operations, he gained expertise in technology and product development, regulatory/compliance, BI systems, and marketing all while continuing to build upon his proven trading and risk management track record. He received his BS degree from Penn State University and was accepted into George Mason University’s PhD Economics program.

Bill Sieger

Vice President, Technology

Bill has over 19 years of experience developing, deploying, and supporting client-facing technology. Over his more than 17 years in the financial services industry Bill has worked closely with front-office, mid-office, and back-office users in the commodities, FX, and derivatives fields. As Vice President, Technology, Bill leads the technology team building Mobius RiskNet, an in-house proprietary commodity risk management tool. Before joining Mobius in 2014 Bill spent almost fourteen years at J.P. Morgan and UBS. Bill holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from the University of Notre Dame.

Julie Bertillion

Director, Client Success

Julie has been with Mobius Risk Group since October 2013. Her primary responsibility is working with both clients and prospective clients as an advocate and communication link. Focused on the RiskNet platform, she works closely with our development team communicating the needs of our internal and external users as well as subject matter experts to help produce better solutions through our RiskNet technology. She performs system testing, facilitates client onboarding and provides training and support resources for clients to ensure their maximum success with existing and future services. Before this role, Julie was on the Physical Operations desk at Mobius for 4 years. She has senior level expertise in natural gas commercial activities including marketing, scheduling, field and pipeline operations, and imbalance management across the U.S., primarily the Gulf Coast and Rockies. Julie has worked closely with our clients managing production volumes, pipeline nominations, gas sales and contract administration. Before her time at Mobius, Julie spent 2 years as a natural gas scheduler for a retail natural gas supplier and 4 years in a mid-office/back office risk administration role for a Houston based hedge fund. Julie holds a BS in Sociology from the University of Houston.

Jon Hong

Director, Technology

Jon has over 10 years of experience in the technology industry working at multiple Fortune 500 companies including General Motors, HP and Dell. Prior to joining Mobius, he was a senior software engineer and worked on web application development. His expertise includes system automation, infrastructure design, and software development. As Director of Technology, Jon currently works on Mobius RiskNet. He holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas and attended a post-baccalaureate program at Columbia University.

Tom Buzek

Manager, Data Acquisition and Management

Tom brings more than 20 years experience in technology, working with companies such as Exxon Mobil, Reliant Energy, and Memorial Hermann Hospital. He specializes in back-end processes, process automation as well as data acquisition and data management for Mobius RiskNet. Tom has been working with Mobius since its inception building and maintaining its backend infrastructure and supporting its user base.

Chris Florescu

Senior Software Engineer

Chris is an experienced application architect with a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry. Prior to Mobius, Chris worked with numerous energy and financial companies including, Bank of America, Direct Energy, Spark Energy, Bear Energy, JP Morgan, and Schlumberger. While at Direct Energy, he designed and developed a platform for creating and controlling forecasts; forecasts were developed in Matlab and linked through an ETRM and an Oracle database. At Spark Energy, Chris developed a model and application to optimize storage and transportation, and at Bear Energy, he led a team of developers for application development focusing on PJM and CAISO ISOs, including the development of an automated bidding system. He is a skilled designer, developer and architect with experience in software development, Java, C#, Python, Oracle, PL/SQL, SQL Server, T_SQL, Cloud Computing, Azure, Javascript, QA, Blockchain/Ethereum, Solidity, PowerBI, and PowerShell. Chris has a MS in geophysics focused on seismic processing from Universitatea din București.

Shilpa Police

Senior Software Engineer

Shilpa is a full stack developer with experience in building .Net applications, developing rich user interfaces, and creating dynamic web applications. She brings best practices from banking, oil & gas, and insurance industries to application development. Prior to supporting Mobius RiskNet, Shilpa was a developer with EnscoRowan and Sentinel Trust. She has a bachelors in electronics and communication from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University.

Andrew Williams

Software Engineer

Andrew Williams
Andrew is a full stack web developer who is passionate about discovering new ways of applying technologies to solve complex business problems. His career path began by studying business administration in the Universidad de los Andes and then in Portland State University, but it was when he got a chance to work as a developer on an app project that he found his passion and calling. Since then he has been involved in a number of web development projects using JavaScript front end frameworks such as React, Next.Js, Gatsby, and implementing back ends using REST and GraphQL APIs.
Business Development

Michael Aldridge

Vice President, Business Development

Mr. Aldridge recently served as Chief Financial Officer of Bennu Oil & Gas, LLC, a private equity backed independent exploration & production company focused on and operating primarily in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico. Mr. Aldridge formerly served as the Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President and Principal Accounting Officer of NYSE MKT listed Saratoga Resources, Inc. (SARA) and served as the Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer and Executive Vice President of NYSE listed PetroQuest Energy, Inc. (PQ). Mr. Aldridge has more than 37 years of total experience, of which 25 years were in various executive-level financial and accounting positions in the energy industry. Mr. Aldridge earned a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Louisiana State University in 1980 and is a Certified Public Accountant.

Nicolas Hutnyak

Vice President, Corporate Business Development

Nic brings over 10 years of physical and financial risk management and structuring experience across commodities, interest rates, FX, and fixed income products to the Mobius Risk Group team. Prior to joining Mobius, Nic worked at Wells Fargo on the energy derivatives team where he was responsible for assisting energy producers and end users with their risk analytics and development and execution of their financial and physical risk management programs. Prior to his experience at Wells Fargo, Nic was responsible for the commodity, interest rate, forex, and fixed income risk management for municipalities at Hilltop Holdings, a leading municipal investment bank. Coming from the institutional side, Nic is able to glean where there is opportunity for increased operating efficiencies in the physical and financial operations of commodity risked entities. Nic holds a BBA – Accounting from Texas Tech University, MS – Accounting and Finance from the University of Notre Dame, and MS – Quantitative Finance from Oklahoma State University.

Drew Lichter

Vice President, Corporate Strategy and Development

Drew leverages over 20 years of experience in commodities trading, financial risk management, and corporate finance leadership to identify and implement the best solutions for our clients. Drew joined Mobius from AK Steel, where he was responsible for the build out and leadership of AK’s financial hedging and risk management functions. In addition to his risk management responsibilities, Drew led corporate development, including multiple acquisitions and divestitures, financial oversight of subsidiaries and international operations, and served on the Boards of several metals processing and service center businesses including Spartan Steel Coatings, Combined Metals of Chicago, and Vicks Metals. Prior to entering the corporate world, Drew spent 15 years in institutional sales and trading. After beginning his career as an options market maker and member of the Chicago Board of Trade, he moved off the floor into trading and leadership roles including at RBC Capital Markets, where as Director of Commodities Trading he led several desks as well as the commodities quantitative analysis group. In his spare time, Drew enjoys relaxing with family, travel, skiing, and endurance sports, having completed several triathlons including a full course Ironman.