Energy Market Update Podcast: April 1, 2016

The Mobius Risk Group Energy Market Update for April 1, 2016 with insights from John Saucer and Zane Curry.

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Today’s discussion hosts:

John Saucer, Vice President of Research and Analysis

Prior to joining Mobius Risk Group as Vice President of Research and Analysis, Mr. Saucer spent 13 years at the Houston based energy fund AAA Capital Management Advisors as a Trading Principal and Petroleum Specialist. Previously, he was a Vice President of Commodity Futures Sales at Citigroup. During his 12 year career at Citigroup, he also spent 7 years as a Vice President of Energy Analysis, responsible for fundamental research in the firm’s Futures Research Department. Prior to his work at Citigroup, Mr. Saucer spent 5 years as a senior editor at Petroleum Argus, a leading international oil market publication. Mr. Saucer is a 1987 graduate of The University of Texas with a BA in Economics.

Zane Curry, Director of Markets and Research

Prior to joining Mobius Risk Group as Director, Markets and Research, Mr. Curry spent 5 years at the Houston based hedge fund Goldfinch Capital LLC.  During his 5 years at Goldfinch he was responsible for both near term and long term fundamental analysis of the North American natural gas market. In this time, he developed a detailed knowledge of the North American energy value chain, and the factors affecting both physical and financial price formation. Before joining Goldfinch Capital, Mr. Curry was a Client Development Consultant with Thompson Reuters, with a primary focus on assisting small to medium sized law firms with business development. Mr. Curry is a 2002 Graduate of Rice University with a BA in Managerial Studies and Kinesiology. Mr. Curry started his career as an assistant baseball coach at Rice University. He spent 5 years as the team’s pitching coach,  following a very brief stint in the Los Angeles Dodgers minor league system