Mobius RiskNet™

Mobius RiskNet™: Advanced risk management technology at your fingertips.

We deliver a cost-effective, comprehensive approach to energy and commodity risk management through our proprietary web-based platform called Mobius RiskNet™. Our platform consolidates multiple applications into a single portal to support clients in their daily risk management decisions. Mobius RiskNet™ is a secure risk management system to allow you to evaluate and manage risk exposures across all levels and functions of the enterprise including purchasing, marketing, invoices, contracts, operational efficiency and financial risk management.


Mobius RiskNet™ Overview

Web based point of access for comprehensive risk and physical portfolio information including invoice and contract management database:

  • 24×7 secured environment
  • Access to market/pricing information
  • Portfolio, commodity and site level information
  • Sensitivity analyses, exposures, risk levels, compliance (FAS and SOX), performance to budget, billing and document administration
  • Customized reporting
  • Budget reporting
  • Option Pricing Models
  • Scenario Analysis/Risk Exposure Models
  • Daily and monthly usage tracking and reporting
  • Production tracking


Mobius RiskNet™ access is available as a stand-alone subscription service and as part of our comprehensive retainer services. Contact us at or call us at 713.877.0404 for more information.