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    Welcome to Mobius Risk Group. The market response to changing capital requirements for banks and increased regulatory reporting obligations (Dodd Frank) are changing the nature of capital in the commodity space and in the energy landscape in particular. Private equity firms are substantially increasing their presence as capital providers in energy, banks are leaving the […]

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  • Services


    Our Services are as diverse as the risks that affect your business. From earnings risk management, asset valuations, credit and debt structuring, to fuel optimization, nominating, scheduling and balancing, to invoice reconciliation and management, producers, consumers and market participants engaged in large energy and commodity transactions will benefit from our expertise in these volatile markets. […]

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  • Benefits


    Access Unbiased and Independent Risk Advisory Services. We have the experience and market knowledge to offer truly non-conflicted risk advisory services. We are not market participants, nor do we receive compensation from any counter-party. Unlike other offerings with conflicted compensation structures comprised of shared savings or commissions or volumetric incentive programs, our 100% retainer-based compensation […]

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  • Diagnostic Framework

    Diagnostic Framework

    At Mobius, we apply our deep knowledge of markets to your business risk factors to create a robust risk management program specifically designed to manage your individual risks and accomplish your objectives. Mobius’ diagnostic framework approach is how we define risk for your company. Managing price or sourcing unilaterally may not help to accurately define […]

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  • Mobius RiskNet™

    Mobius RiskNet™

    Mobius RiskNet™: Advanced risk management technology at your fingertips. We deliver a cost-effective, comprehensive approach to energy and commodity risk management through our proprietary web-based platform called Mobius RiskNet™. Our platform consolidates multiple applications into a single portal to support clients in their daily risk management decisions. Mobius RiskNet™ is a secure risk management system […]

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  • Quick Facts

    Quick Facts

    Experience. Client Knowledge. Proprietary Technology. As a boutique risk advisory firm, we strive to understand what really matters to our clients. While our expertise starts in the world of energy, our primary competency is in managing risk across all the key drivers for our client’s businesses. We do this through deep understanding of our client’s business […]

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  • Case Studies

    Case Studies

    We take great pride in the results we get for our clients. From Producers with fuel delivery issues, to Consumers trying to predict energy costs, to Market Participants using our guidance to make better sense of the markets, our results speak for themselves. See how our comprehensive risk management approach gets results beyond the expected. […]

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  • Market Update

    Market Update

    Get Ahead of the Market. Market Update is our weekly market reporting service offered to our clients. We offer this service as a part of our retainer services and our stand-alone subscription service to our proprietary risk management portal Mobius RiskNet. See below for archive editions of our Newsletter detailing the risk and energy landscape affecting […]

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Mobius Risk Group is an independent energy risk advisory firm providing market guidance to producers, consumers, and market participants needing timely and effective market risk advice around energy and energy impacted commodities. Energy is our business and we have the financial, physical management and reporting expertise to turn your energy risks into energy assets.

As a private company founded in 2002 with $10B a year in energy and commodity transactions, we provide useful energy and commodity market intelligence that will directly impact how you manage your business objectives. We do this by applying the full benefit of financial risk tools to your concerns paired with sourcing expertise and operational support to your organization to advance your energy and commodity market needs.

Allow us to guide you through these volatile financial and physical markets, develop strategies to reduce risk, and execute on your energy and commodity strategy.

Contact Us today for your Energy, Risk and Reporting Needs.

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