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for commodity-impacted businesses

Empowering clients to succeed in global commodity markets with award winning technology and expert advisory.

Visualize your up-to-date cash and credit position, optimize your talent and resources, and accelerate informed decision-making with Mobius’ System of Intelligence.

Intelligent solutions for commodity impacted businesses

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Trust  your data is accurate and up-to-date

Streamline decision-making by removing the manual, time-intensive, and error-prone processes behind commodity transaction support, mid-back office processes, physical accounting, and more.

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Visualize the risk impacting your business

Use daily-updated data to gain near-real-time visibility to your financial, physical, and contractual positions, with configurable dashboards, 150+ standard reports, and portfolio analytics.

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Solutions tailored to your capital objectives

Receive bespoke strategy, transaction support, and reporting to manage your company's financial and physical risk, harvest opportunities, and navigate the global commodity markets with confidence .

24/7 Portfolio awareness

Risks Abound

It’s tucked into the 127th line of the fourth tab of a spreadsheet. It’s creeping up on us in some geopolitical conflict a half a world away. It’s waiting, poised, ready to shatter on a Tuesday a portfolio that glistened on a Monday. In 2023, we impacted over $100 billion in commodities transactions.

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At-a-glance visual dashboard

Visualize current financial and operational data for more informed decision-making

RiskNet is your command center, connecting your organization’s real-time transaction data to your financial and credit objectives for seamless reporting, analytics, and data management to accelerate your decision-making.

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Forward and historical market pricing with 1000s of real market price curves

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Credit and counterparty capacity tracking and visualization

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Risk analytics and decision support with M(β)Risk

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Financial hedge position and valuation

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Carbon risk management with G-Risk

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Cash flow forecast and visualization

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Custom data integrations

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Revenue and cash report

Informed expertise

Non-Conflicted Allies

Mobius is a team of the industry’s brightest, most insightful, independent thinkers in the industry. We cut our teeth at the big banks and hedge funds. We know what they know, and we use it to benefit your balance sheet.

Our seasoned market experts have extensive experience across various sectors, including natural gas, crude oil, coal, electricity, natural gas liquids, refined products, metals, and carbon. We serve as our clients’ “in-house” commodity market specialists, enabling them to focus on their core business operations. At the same time, we provide them with the necessary insights and expertise to succeed in today’s dynamic commodity markets.

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The right carbon risk management program is a smart, profitable approach to navigating a complex web of laws, incentives and market opportunities. At Mobius, we offer non-conflicted support to help our clients maximize the opportunities-while minimizing the costs-that come from with the energy transition.

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About Mobius

Mobius Risk Group is an independent multi-asset risk advisory firm providing market guidance to producers, consumers, and capital market participants needing timely and effective market risk advice.

We have the comprehensive financial, physical, and reporting expertise to turn your risks into assets. As a private company founded in 2002, we annually impact over $100B  in transactions across more than 50 commodities.

Our technology, combined with strategic expertise and digital workflows, will directly impact how you manage your business objectives. Our process applies physical and financial risk tools, market expertise, and operational solutions to address your commodity market needs.

Get an accurate picture of your risk and position, updated daily

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