Data is a language.

Knowledge is power.

Mobius is equipped with the most robust data sets, the best software, and guided by top subject matter experts to help you manage the risk that lurks in your portfolio.

You know your business. We know your risk.

We were ready for COVID. Learn how we support our clients through the unimaginable.


Risk Abounds

It’s tucked into the 127th line of the fourth tab of a spreadsheet. It’s creeping up on us in some geopolitical conflict a half a world away. It’s waiting, poised, ready to shatter on a Tuesday a portfolio that glistened on a Monday. We analyze risk in $200 billion in advisory market cap, and $20 billion a year in energy and commodity transactions.


Our Recent Articles

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Robust Data

We have developed an unparalleled system of software powered by decades of experience and transaction level data from across the industry. Mobius RiskNet is an unparalleled system of software powered by decades of experience and a trove of data. 

— Seamless deal capture

— A level playing field

— Covers the entire life cycle of a trade

Our Mantras

Price is Price

We believe — we know — that price is a single data point that is of little value without the context and analysis of a hundred others. It’s the foothills of the mountain. We help you push past price myopia and see the bigger picture. 

No Conflicts

When you deal directly with big banks and hedge funds, you’re working with wolves who’d just as soon outplay you than help you. Our only interest is in helping you succeed. We’re not betting against you behind your backs. 

So long to the status quo

 “This is how we’ve always done things” is a weak, passive strategy. The way you’ve always done things isn’t serving you. It’s time for a change. 


Unconflicted Allies

Mobius is a team of the industry’s brightest, most insightful, independent thinkers in the oil and gas industry. We cut our teeth at the big banks and hedge funds. We know what they know, and we use it to benefit your balance sheet.

About Mobius

Mobius founder Eric Melvin learned his craft in the 1990s at the big investment banks, fixing derivatives in Europe before a move to running an energy trading floor. He sold that to a utility then went to work for a New York hedge fund, migrating from sell to buy. Energy was in many ways a vanilla, nascent market in those days. And resources on how to navigate, Melvin discovered, were available to sellers more than they were to buyers. His colleagues would brag of “ripping the faces” off of buyers, eking out the rawest possible deals, laughing all the way to the big banks. 

In 2002, as energy merchants were melting down and a wave of victims were sinking alongside, he decided he’d had enough.

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