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Gas Procurement & Hedging for a Large Steel Producer


The implementation of this gas procurement and hedging program led to significant improvements for the steel producer. The company was able to achieve greater predictability in its cash flows and a reduction in the volatility of its profit margins.

This financial stability not only enhanced the company's operational efficiency but also strengthened its competitive position in the steel industry. The collaboration with Mobius Risk Group demonstrated the effectiveness of specialized procurement and hedging strategies in managing commodity price risks, contributing positively to the company's overall financial health.

Solution: Asset and Acquisition Analysis

Mobius Risk Group was chosen for their expertise in commodity procurement and risk management strategies. Mobius crafted a tailored gas procurement and hedging program designed to meet the specific needs of the steel producer. The program aimed to provide a more structured and efficient approach to gas procurement, coupled with a strategic hedging plan to manage price volatility.

The hedging component of the strategy involved the use of financial instruments and contracts designed to stabilize gas prices, thus protecting the company’s profit margins from adverse market movements. This approach was aligned with the steel producer’s financial objectives, focusing on minimizing risk while ensuring a reliable supply of gas.

A prominent steel producer was facing challenges in managing the procurement of gas, a key resource in their production process. The volatility in gas prices was directly affecting their operational costs, cash flow, and profit margins. To address these issues and stabilize their financials, the company sought expertise in developing an effective gas procurement and hedging program.