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Optimizing Hedging Strategies for an Electric Utility Company

Optimizing Hedging Strategies for an Electric Utility Company


An electric utility company, facing complexities in its natural gas hedging and trading activities, sought expert assistance to enhance and optimize their strategies. The aim was to ensure that these strategies aligned with the company's financial, credit, and risk objectives.


Mobius Risk Group, with its specialized expertise in energy markets and risk management, was engaged for this critical task. The first step was conducting a comprehensive review of the company's existing natural gas hedging and trading practices. This in-depth analysis allowed Mobius to identify areas where improvements were necessary and opportunities for optimization.

Based on this analysis, Mobius worked closely with the utility company to refine and modify their hedging and trading strategies. The goal was to create a more robust approach that could better meet the company's specific objectives, such as stabilizing costs, managing market risks, and maintaining regulatory compliance.

The revised strategies included a mix of tactical hedging approaches, innovative trading techniques, and enhanced risk assessment methods. Mobius also provided guidance on implementing these strategies effectively, ensuring that the utility company's team was well-equipped to manage their natural gas portfolio proactively.


The collaborative efforts between the electric utility company and Mobius Risk Group led to significant improvements in the company's natural gas hedging and trading activities. The new strategies provided a more effective framework for managing market volatility and controlling costs.

As a result, the company achieved better alignment with its operational and financial objectives, enhancing its ability to navigate the complexities of the natural gas market. The success of this project demonstrated the value of targeted expert intervention in risk management practices, contributing positively to the company's overall risk management capabilities.