G Risk

What is G Risk?

G-Risk is proprietary technology allowing for carbon footprint and financial instrument tracking, valuation, visualization, and analysis.


Track and visualize carbon footprints by source, facility, portfolio company, customer, and business unit

Value and stress test the dollar value of carbon footprint liabilities versus forward curves, potential regulatory scenarios, and bespoke corporate sustainability goals

Value compliance credits, RECs, and voluntary offsets at the trade, product, and portfolio level

View risk analytics around carbon financial product portfolios

Integrate with Mobius RiskNet for overall portfolio valuation, risk analysis, and reporting

Carbon Neutrality in the Current Environment

Market based solutions represent a transitional step, not a stand-alone solution. The greatest benefits come when used in conjunction with technological innovation and investments in efficiency.

Carbon Emissions Types

Scope One


Scope One emissions are the direct emissions from a firm’s operations. Examples would include the operations of a corporate factory and the emissions from company owned and operated vehicles

Scope Two


Scope Two emissions are the emissions from purchased electricity, heating, and cooling for corporate use

Scope Three


Scope Three emissions are all indirect emissions, both upstream and downstream

Carbon Calculator

Designed by Greenway Steel and powered by the Mobius RiskNetTM platform, the carbon calculator provides ease, flexibility, and comprehensive accuracy in carbon footprint calculations. The carbon calculator provides data that can integrate to the G-Risk module.

Emissions Reduction Methods

  • Reducing consumption/efficiency
  • Project development
  • RECs
  • Credits and offsets

Offset & Bespoke Valuation

Mobius partnership with ViridiosAI allows portfolio level valuation of voluntary offsets.


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