Greenway Carbon Calculator

Footprint Calculations Made Easy

Designed by Greenway Steel and powered by the Mobius RiskNetTM platform, the carbon calculator provides ease, flexibility, and comprehensive accuracy in carbon footprint calculations. Compliant with the GHG protocol and integrated into our RiskNet platform, the calculator provides solutions up to scope 3 and full supply chain.

The carbon calculator collects your organization’s emissions data to generate the total carbon liability, broken down by scope, facility, and source.

With integration into the Mobius G-Risk Suite, your organization has access to advanced analytics around carbon liability and reduction, footprint visualizations, and valuation and pricing for market-based carbon solutions such as renewable power and carbon offsets.

Calculating Your Footprint

Carbon footprint calculation is a simple three-step process with the Greenway carbon calculator:



Input your data and let the calculator do the rest. With powerful built-in reporting and the ability to update data each month, giving you the ability to  both visualize improvements and view historical data. Support from industry and carbon accounting subject matter experts is available as needed, giving your organization full control with expert guidance.



Easy to digest reports, your results will be easy to understand. Ability to update data will give you a snapshot of improvements being made, along with the data to show to stakeholders of how you are taking action.



Mobius can help you act on your data.  We offer non-conflicted support for Carbon risk strategy, guidance, and workflows. Helping clients maximize opportunities while minimizing costs that come from the transition to a greener economy.

Calculation and analysis of carbon footprint
is just the first step. 

Our support goes beyond calculations, providing guidance based on your data, analysis of possible mitigation possibilities, valuation of liabilities against forward curves, regulatory scenarios, and corporate sustainability goals, and assisting in infrastructure development and implementation.

Carbon Calculator Benefits

Compliant with GHG Protocol

An easy-to-use platform that calculates your greenhouse gas emissions to meet regulatory compliance.

Powerful Analytics and Reporting

Portfolio or facility-level view reporting with powerful analytics
provided by G-Risk™

Designed by Industry Experts

Built by experts with a deep understanding of your specific needs and challenges navigating laws, policies, and initiatives aiming to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Your Data in Your Hands

The calculator provides complete control of your data, the ability to own the process of carbon footprint calculation and is backed with industry expertise and solutions to help you act on that data.


Streamlined Emission Management with Integrated Solutions

Calculation of scope 1,2,3 emissions
Portfolio-level and facility-level views
Integration with RiskNet
Subscription-based calculator
Compliant with GHG protocol
Powerful reporting functionality


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