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Physical Solutions for Commodity-Impacted Business

Customized Solutions from Wellhead to Consumption

Mobius provides integrated physical energy, carbon, and commodity solutions powered by award-winning analytics, proprietary technology, and decades of industry experience.

For energy producers, consumers, marketers, merchants, processors, refiners, traders, transporters, utilities, and institutional investors around the world, we provide a vast array of physical solutions for transacting in the marketplace, providing unconflicted comprehensive risk management, with a relentless pursuit of value creation for the client.

Financial Solutions

  • Market experts with extensive institutional knowledge
  • Evidence-based advisory and hedge strategy development
  • Proven success with 100's of asset reviewed
  • Execution support (as agent) aligning physical and financial requirements
  • Mobius do not take the title of the molecules or charge on a per-unit basis
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Three Benefits

Risk Analysis

Financial and physical risk experts work with your organization to identify risk and proactively provide strategies to optimize your portfolio.

Market Intelligence

Mobius market experts provide analysis, qualification, monitoring and negotiation in the marketplace.

Operations Support

Our solutions cover daily operations such as mid and back office, balancing, nominating, scheduling, and transportation.

Industries Served

Energy Producer
  • Crude Oil
  • Natural Gas
Energy Producer
  • Industrials
  • Municipals
  • Power Generators
  • Service-based organizations such as hospitals, schools, governments, restaurants, retail, non-profit entities, and commercial real estate groups
  • Carbon
  • Steel
  • Refined Products sourcing
  • Chemicals
  • Electricity/ Power Trading 
  • Fishing

Commodity Products we support

Natural Gas
Crude Oil
Steel & Ferrous Products
Non-Ferrous Metals
Interest Rates
Foreign Exchange
Fuel Oil


Risk Analysis

Physical market intelligence, qualification, and comparison

Strategic Advisory

Go-to-market & sales recommendations.

Transaction Solutions-

Non-conflicted execution support (as agent)

Risk Analysis

Analysis, Management and Optimization

Risk Analysis

Counterparty introduction, commodity movement, sales analysis, contract administration

Risk Analysis

Mid and back-office solutions, including accounting and invoicing.

The Mobius Approach

Mobius Risk Group’s technology and market experts provide support across all functions of our Physical Solutions. With Mobius, you don’t just get a service or solution; we are your integrated partner, helping you to proactively manage your business risks, identify opportunities for growth based on your unique capital

Integrated Technology

Our award-winning technology, Mobius RiskNet, removes the noise around commodity fluctuations, allowing management visibility into true operating metrics and the ability to drive accountability for controllable factors. With world-class analytics, it provides an aggregate, 360-degree view of risk and profitability drivers at all levels of an organization.


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