Mid and Back Office Solutions


Maintain contracts with optimal/limitless roster of counterparties, providing market liquidity and the ability to transact quickly

Draft, review, and facilitate the negotiation and execution of contracts, ensuring appropriate internal reviews are conducted and approvals are documented prior to execution.

Establish and maintain contract records and setup automated event notifications for key contract dates and triggers.

Provide detailed contract information accurately and quickly to allow for timely commercial decisions

Reduce resource requirements of commercial, legal, and credit during the contract negotiation process

Analysis and renegotiation of midstream contracts


Audit/approve for payment all third-party invoices (suppliers, transporters, etc.)

Work with management and downstream counterparties to solve for complicated billing structures - tiered pricing, AMA’s, transport deducts and to resolve disputes between counterparties.

Actualize transport volumes to ensure proper billing and payments


Monitor credit status with all active counterparties

Research credit status of all pending contracts

Negotiate for unsecured credit capacity

Credit alerts


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