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Andrew Williams

Software Engineer

About Andrew Williams

Role and Responsibilities

As a software engineer, Andrew works mainly as a full-stack web developer. He specializes in applications that run on a browser and works on frontend, backend, and database code using Angular, ASP.NET, Javascript, C#, CSS, HTML, and SQL. He is currently working on building RiskNet 3.0. Previously, he has also worked on building new features or fixing bugs on the current version of RiskNet and other applications that Mobius uses daily, like the Trade Load program for client data migration into RiskNet.

Prior Experience

Before Mobius, Andrew worked with Centrex to develop various web applications for their clients.  


  • BBA, Supply Chain and Logistics Management, Portland State University
  • Self-taught coding  

Community Engagement

  • Volunteer, Hope Farms
  • Volunteer, Reef CI (Marine Conservation in Belize Barrier Reef)