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Matt Parker

Managing Director, Strategy

About Matt Parker

Roles and Responsibilities

Matt Parker is the Managing Director and Head of the Strategy team at Mobius Risk Group. Matt and his team are responsible for ensuring that Mobius’ clients manage their derivative hedge portfolios, physical marketing plans, and physical assets to accomplish their financial objectives and optimize the expected value of future cash flows. As leader of the Strategy Team, Matt is responsible for coordinating fundamental analytics, decision sciences, financial trading, and physical marketing teams at Mobius to deliver strategic advice that is consistent, coherent, and actionable. He is based on both quantitative research and years of practical experience.

Previous Experience

Before joining Mobius in 2018, Matt worked for ten years as a portfolio manager at Goldfinch Capital and Sandridge Capital, where he developed and managed a fundamentally based natural gas derivative trading strategy designed to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns. Matt also has experience as a crude oil and natural gas options trader at Merrill Lynch and Entergy Koch Trading.

Professional Background

  • Donnelly Partners, Head of Research
  • Goldfinch Capital, Portfolio Manager
  • Sandridge Capital, Portfolio Manager, and Principal
  • Merrill Lynch, Options Trader
  • Koch Energy Trading, Risk Manager and Options Trader
  • Price Waterhouse, Staff Auditor  


  • BBA, University of Oklahoma
  • MBA, University of Texas

Professional Certifications

  • Chartered Financial Analyst
  • Certified Public Accountant