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Zane Curry

Vice President, Markets and Research

About Zane Curry

Roles and Responsibilities

Zane primarily serves as the eyes and ears of our clients on fundamental dynamics, real option identification, and a collaborative focus on hedge strategy construction and management. With a team of seasoned commodity market professionals, Zane and the Mobius team endeavor to challenge the status quo within organizations, develop a deep understanding of client's risk tolerance, and provide actionable and timely market intelligence while translating jargon-filled and opaque corners of the hydrocarbon value chain into digestible information with which management teams and stakeholders can make value-creating decisions.  

His primary responsibility is fundamental analysis of the North American natural gas and crude markets. Additionally, he assists in valuing gathering, processing, transportation, and physical sales agreements. His experience in energy began with a focus on natural gas; however, as the North American hydrocarbon value chain has become a more integrated system, his knowledge has expanded to crude oil, petroleum products, and seaborne LNG.

Previous Experience

Before joining Mobius in 2016, Zane spent over six years with a Houston-based hedge fund, Goldfinch Capital with AUM of approximately $750M. In his time with Goldfinch Capital, Zane was tasked with developing detailed North American natural gas market models, including 1st derivative components such as power generation by fuel source, supply side impacts of liquids-focused drilling, etc.  

Professional Background

  • Goldfinch Capital  
  • Member and coach of the Rice University baseball team


  • BA, Managerial Studies and Kinesiology, Rice University
  • Certificate of SWAPS Proficiency

Community Engagement

  • Board of Trustees, Local School District

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