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Sarah Blome

VP, Commodity Risk

About Sarah Blome

Role and Responsibilities

Sarah is responsible for all oil sales and negotiations (as an agent, on behalf of clients) at Mobius, including pipeline and truck transportation agreements, basin and quality differentials, and revenue and cost strategies.  

Previous Experience

Before joining Mobius in 2023, Sarah worked for thirteen years at a production entity where she managed sales of 80,000 bpd (barrels per day) across three basins with extensive experience in the Gulf and Rockies regions. Since joining Mobius her experience has expanded to most producing states. Her expertise spans upstream production analysis as well as downstream transportation and sales. Her non-standard marketing interactions include legal debriefs, joint venture agreements, system design and implementation, pipeline negotiations, pricing analysis, asset acquisition, and divestiture. Her history includes numerous examples of improved efficiencies, cost reduction, and revenue increases. Examples include: 

  • Implemented new strategies to save $10 million/year in transportation costs by identifying unused/underutilized capacity, terminating transportation agreements, and renegotiating downstream sales contracts.  
  • Reduced LOE by $30,000/month through collaboration with Operations  

Professional Experience

  • Javelin Energy Partners, Director of Marketing 
  • EP Energy E&P Company LP, Marketing Manager 

Education and Professional Certifications

  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt